I really don't want to know who the next Doctor is until the actual regeneration airs, O'deck (at least, I hope someone shares this on the regular O'deck). In fact I didn't even want to know when he would regenerate, but that's the internet for you. I've already blocked that one person who kept posting spoilers on Facebook, but that only gets me so far. I have already tried several content blocking/filtering add-ons for Chrome and Firefox, but have encountered two problems: 1) they only kick in after a second or two, by which time my eye already catches headlines and pictures, and 2) as soon as they find 'Doctor Who' somewhere on the page, the entire page gets blocked, so I can't read any other articles either.

I know that this might be impossible, so I'm asking for your help, tips and guidance. Is there any way to avoid knowing who will play Doctor Who next without avoiding io9 (and other Kinja blogs, since they added 'popular on other sites' posts a while ago) altogether? I don't think I can live without my daily shot of io9/odeck/lifehacker/hackerspace/kotaku until Christmas, so any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.